Hey Deep State A-Holes, What’s Next? …Dirty Bomb? Poison The Water? Shutdown The Electrical Grid?

Hey Deep State A-Holes, What's Next? ...Dirty Bomb? Poison The Water? Shutdown The Electrical Grid?
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The obviousness of the back-to-back crisis’ in America is becoming too hard to ignore. The Deep State has jumped the shark. Ordinary Americans, the normies, are becoming red pilled. There is no way you can look the other way now, and scream racism, or sexism, or ‘Orange Man Bad!’ when 5th Avenue is burning and the Left is behind it.

New York City’s denial of reality for the last decade has now hit home. Indeed socialism, cultural Marxism doesn’t work, now does it? The New York ‘progressives’ made their bed, now they have to sleep in it.

No one believes the Democratic narrative anymore, except the Jim Jones Kool Aid drinkers. It’s all obviously B.S. CNN be damned.

What concerns me is what they have next up their sleeve. The Russia Hoax didn’t work. The impeachment scam didn’t work. The Chinese coronavirus didn’t work (if you haven’t noticed, those rioters were not social distancing). And now, the race riots will not work as Trump takes on the mantle of the law and order president, leading to a November landslide (he really is a very stable genius).

So what is number 5?

These people just can’t let Trump be re-elected; Nancy Pelosi told you as much. If that happens, all the billions they stole, all the corruption, all the sell-outs to China, all the repression of the political opposition, and yes, all the treason, will be exposed for the world to see in the second Trump term.

So they have to keep trying, for the alternative is a long prison term at GITMO.

As we have said before, it is time for The White House to get ahead of the curve. These people are not Americans, they are criminals.

Their next diabolical project will be deadly, you can count on it.

Perhaps this is why POTUS signed an executive order recently to harden the electrical grid?

The Chinese are behind these seditious citizens of ours. Beijing cannot let Orange Man be re-elected either.

We must be vigilant, as they have already planned all this out. In the race riots, the pallets of bricks were ready to roll.

The White House has to be ready for what is coming next.

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