Do any Open Source Licences require source history?

A question to the void. Are you entitled to get the source history of open source projects?

Lots of Open Source licences give the consumer of software the right to a copy of the source code.

For example, GPLv3 says that distributors of software have to:

give anyone who possesses the object code … a copy of the Corresponding Source

What is “Corresponding Source”?

The “Corresponding Source” means all the source code needed to generate, install, and run the object code

That, to me, reads like a user is only entitled to a code snap-shot. Not the full history of code development, but just the version of the source used to compile the distributed binaries.

My question to you, gentle reader – are there any licences which compel the distribution or publication of the development history?

Is this a good idea?

Services like GitHub and GitLab now dominate the open source conversation. But nothing about FOSS says that you must develop in public. It just seems to be the social norm now.

But I don’t see any reason to make it a compulsory part of a licence.

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