‘They Just Aired the Police Out’: Eyewitness Laughs Hysterically as Officers Are Shot

In a disgusting example of anti-cop derision, a recent viral video showed a man mocking the shooting of two sheriff deputies in Los Angeles.
The incident took place on Saturday near a train station in Compton, California, when a yet-to-be-identified suspect ambushed two deputies, shooting them multiple times at close range.
Following the shooting, the two deputies were sent to a local hospital where they were “fighting for their lives,” according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

KABC-TV reported that both victims were in stable condition as of Monday.

BREAKING: Two LASD Transit Security Bureau deputies have been shot at the Compton PAX station. I’m told by LASD that both were shot in the head by a male who got off a bus, then fled. Both hospitalized, Sheriff Villanueva at hospital now. @FOXLA
— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) September 13, 2020

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The man who was recording near the site of the crime at the time of the incident could not have been happier. In the video, he can be heard gleefully exclaiming “they just aired the police out.”

Here’s the reaction of an eyewitness to the ambush of two Deputies shot in the head in #Compton. The victims are in the background. No one is going to help them. Vote like your life depends on it. #BlueLivesMatter
— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) September 13, 2020

“Two sheriffs shot in the face. Two sheriffs shot in the face, they’re tripping,” he said.
“They just got aired out,” the man continued, laughing the whole time. “Somebody ran up on the car and bust on their a– right through the window in the face and all.”
“It’s a wrap.”
On Monday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva criticized elected officials, sports figures and civic leaders for “fanning the flames of hatred” with their unrelenting, ignorant anti-cop rhetoric.

“They’re out there doing their job and yet we have people fanning the flames of hatred and just turning up the volume when we don’t need it. We need to be turning it down,” Villanueva said.
“Particularly our elected officials and civic leaders and sports figures, they need to start emphasizing trust in the system, due process.”

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Of course, elected officials won’t start emphasizing “trust in the system” or “due process” any time soon. These groups are following the barking orders of the Black Lives Matter movement, the ideology of which teaches that our entire system of laws and due process must be destroyed in the name of a Marxist revolution.

Do you think the left’s anti-cop rhetoric needs to stop?

Every police killing of a minority, regardless of the circumstances, is now classified as an example of racist police violence. No wonder people hate the police so much.
Left-wing progressives can’t be bothered to acknowledge that their hateful, uninformed rhetoric regarding police has cultivated an environment where mocking the shooting of police officers is totally acceptable.
The left’s disdain for law enforcement has gone on long enough; it needs to stop now.
If it doesn’t, violence against police officers is sure to continue to skyrocket and individuals like this Compton man will continue to cheer on the violence.
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