Discussion Post – 11.18.2020

The Trump Presidency may be more beneficial and legacy building than Lincoln’s.

If he and his legal team can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the long standing (dare I say traditional) voting fraud, if he can prevail in winning his second term, if he can win successful prosecutions of the fraudsters and bust up the big city and state political machines once and for all, he will have done what no president has ever accomplished.

Maybe this messy election was part of his master 4-D chess plan: Force such rampant and obvious corruption and fraud that it cannot be denied or otherwise go unpunished.

Between internet connected and apparently CIA controlled foreign results changing software, mail in voter fraud, absentee voter fraud, the “finding” of ballots as needed in certain corrupto-cities, real voter and GOP election monitor intimidation, and exposing all the shadow PACs and non-profits including the MSM AND Social media outlets providing massive illegal in-kind political contributions to Biden, he will have exposed another aspect of the nationwide swamp. Trump has forced them to become both reckless and shrill in executing their heretofore largely clandestine fraud.

Now the question is after he prevails, will he get a real justice department, a real AG, a real FBI director that will actually prosecute the evil-doers?

This all presumes we have five or six brave Supreme Court Justices that will uphold and follow their oath to the constitution.

Pray for the very brave President Trump
Pray for his very brave legal team
Pray for any politician who stands up to the mob’s threats and intimidation
Pray for all their safety
Pray for the United States of America.

And Pray that GOD has decided to use Donald John Trump as his earthly vehicle to save this country and possibly the world from the abyss.

Pray and hope that all the real “White Hats” have fantastic security for themselves and their families.

PS: I’m really surprised that Powell, Lin, and Giuliani are getting any airtime on Fox and other broadcast networks.

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