Discussion Post – 11.21.2020

Note to Tucker,

You must realize that over half the country is pissed off beyond belief at the obvious, rea, and alleged fraud in this election. You must further realize that YOUR audience is fed up with all the bullschiff the MSM (D) media has pulled against President Trump and his supporters and the increasing leftism from YOUR network. As I see it you have three choices.

Be a truth-telling stalwart and you will be a hero to millions of Trump supporting conservatives and real Americans and be recognized as such. I/we are not asking or demanding you be a Trump sycophant just be a voice of reason – like Megyn (Me-again) Kelly was.


Be a whishy-washey half assed kiss-up to your bosses and play it half-way and call your show “Fair and Balanced” As Rush has always said HE IS THE BALANCE. You could and should be the BALANCE on FOX. You ought to take Rush’s lead – he has been pretty successful for more than three decades. Again, I refer to how quickly Kelly crashed and burned.


You can go all Shemp Smith (gone to CNBC), Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto and just be another of many talking heads talking loud saying nothing and getting miserable ratings. If you go that route, you and FOX can take your new slogan and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Tucker, you are a smart guy; you must realize that 90% of the people who watch your show have no tolerance for any more anti-Trump Left-wing crap masquerading as ‘news’.

Just remember, it wasn’t a bunch of MAGA Hat wearing Trumpists who were at your house making loud threats against you an your family a year or so ago. Like with “conservative” GOP politicians, you should dance with the folks who brought you to the party.

PS: You first name is entirely too easy to mock; you are already seen as a turd by the left; do you want to be seen the same way from the right? Having a good reputation is hard to get and keep – losing a well built reputation can happen in one show,

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