McConnell will not reconvene Senate early to vote on impeachment

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell made clear Wednesday that he will not be reconvening his chamber early to accept the article of impeachment on President Trump.

McConnell spoke as the Democrat-controlled House began its debate  on the second impeachment case against the outgoing president.

The Senate is scheduled to reconvene Tuesday, which McConnell says does not leave enough time for a vote on impeachment prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration one day later. And any subsequent trial would take place following the Trump presidency.

At least five GOP House members have said they plan to vote to impeach Trump. Two GOP senators – Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, and Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania, have called on Trump to resign. But no Senate Republicans have so far said they would vote in favor of convicting Trump on a House-passed article of impeachment, just days before the president is set to leave office. The House will take a final vote on impeachment in the late afternoon on Wednesday. 

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