CBS Tees Up Former FDA Boss to TEAR DOWN Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

In her first interview after returning from maternity leave on Sunday’s Face the Nation, moderator Margaret Brennan spoke with former FDA commissioner and Pfizer board member, Dr. Scott Gottlieb about President Biden’s constitutionally dubious vaccine mandate on private businesses and surprisingly teed him up to tear it down. And he didn’t mince words about how it actually harmed the effort to get Americans vaccinated and shouldn’t have happened.

Speaking about the reaction to the mandate, Brennan noted that “The Republican governor of Arkansas [Asa Hutchinson] is on TV today saying this is going to backfire. He’s trying to convince his constituents to take the vaccine, and because the federal government is telling them to, he says it’s going to be even harder.”

Practically speaking, does this mandate make sense,” she finally asked her guest.

Gottlieb warned, “in terms of hardening positions and taking something that is suddenly political and making it overtly political could outweigh any of the benefits that we hope to achieve.” He went on to argue that Biden’s actions would derail American’s promising trajectory on getting to a high vaccination rate (Click “expand”):

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