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‘God Got Us Here’: Eric Trump Says Faith Was an Essential Part of the President’s Victory in 2016

Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s second son, was one of the featured speakers at an outdoor Evangelicals For Trump rally…

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Donald Trump Jr. takes a stand for Christians after NYT tries to blame coronavirus pandemic on evangelicals

Politics Their piece was reckless and irresponsible. Donald Trump Jr. just took a huge stand for Christians everywhere after The…

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New York Times finds new group to blame for the coronavirus: Conservative Christians

Just when you thought the mainstream media couldn’t stoop any lower, they do. In what appears to be a desperate…

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Hollywood Star Nicole Weider Opens Up about How God Gave Her Life Purpose, Not Fame

Nicole Weider, the executive producer of “Switched,” a movie about what it would be like for a popular girl and…

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Evangelicals for Social Action Drops ‘Evangelicals’ from Name

The organization, Evangelicals for Social Action, is changing the group’s name to Christians for Social Action, the organization announced this…

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Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Former NFL player and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson came out in solidarity for Christian Nigerians who are being persecuted in…

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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Banning Officals from Closing Houses of Worship

On Wednesday, Ohio’s Republican governor Mike DeWine signed a new bill into law prohibiting public officials from shutting down houses…

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ClearPlay Now Filters Disney Plus Titles: Remove the ‘Scenes and Language You Don’t Want’

Families who want to watch Disney Plus movies without the coarse language and adult content can now do so thanks…

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Impacted by coronavirus crisis, small family-owned business aided by Utah police officer

During this Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, many small businesses, especially restaurants, are clinging to their economic lives by their proverbial fingertips.…

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‘The Goal Was to Emphasize Diversity’: Church Apologizes for Ad Featuring Jesus with Breasts, Wearing Makeup

An Icelandic church recently received backlash after running a cartoon ad featuring a bearded Jesus with breasts, makeup, and in…

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